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Merchant Revenue Share

  • Top-Up Services: NO LIMIT TO REVENUE. Stores on the low end average $2500 in top up sales per month and make approximately 5% profit or $125 (See attached buy rates)
  • Digital Phone Cards: NO LIMIT TO REVENUE. Stores on the low end average $2500 in Digital ILD (International Long Distance) sales per Month and make approximately 15% profit or $375
  • Digital Advertising: Local Ads – NO LIMIT TO REVENUE. Local ads can be sold by the store, a local sales team or our corporate offices. Local ad pricing varies based on location and start at $50/screen/month with screen capabilities of 30+ ads per screen. Coupons can be added to the ad for an additional fee. National ads are limited to $400 per month in profit per screen and are sold by our corporate partners.
  • Bill Payment: NO LIMIT TO REVENUE. Customers can pay utility bills, cable bills, insurance and more for over 10,000 billers throughout the US and Mexico. Stores can make $0.75 per transaction. Nationally, stores average 400 transactions a month resulting in a profit of $300 per month.

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