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Connecting with consumers digitally: it's personal.

Effective marketing all boils down to one thing: connecting with people. In a word? Interactivity. Get to know the outstandingly interactive ITM platform and see what it does to personalize the interactive experience. Here goes:

  • Explore information on maps, such as store locations, service hours & the latest promotions - all in real-time format
  • Just like an iPad, the multi-touch screen accurately responds to finger gestures for trouble-free usage
  • Built-in camera and Bluetooth-friendly features encourage consumers to promote brands on private social media applications

But it gets better. After viewing shopping cart contents on an ITM kiosk, consumers can simply drag selected contents to their Smartphones to generate additional content sales. And naturally, supporting the instant transfer of apps, music, media, games and virtual promotions on-the-spot comes standard. The endless interactivity features are only bound by what can be imagined by the human mind. Imagine that.

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