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What is ITM Kiosk all about?

ITM Kiosk has created an interactive medium specifically for high-traffic locations like shopping malls, department stores, stadiums and airports that blends technology with personalization to capture customer interest when purchasing incentive is at its peak.

How does it work?

Generating leads. Advertising products. Promoting sales. Obtaining feedback. ITM Kiosk screens feature striking digital advertisements, along with an interactive “consumer area,” where customers can interface with retailers and glean information by simply touching the screen.

There are other companies offering computer-based kiosks. What makes ITM different?

ITM has propelled the traditional kiosk-based platform into a pioneering interactive marketing, communications and customer engagement tool that aims to redefine how digital media is used in the marketplace.

How will my brand benefit from this machine?

The abilities offered by ITM Kiosk software allows instant customization for virtually any function imaginable - including sales promotions, social media integration, printed coupons and loyalty program signups - allowing brands, malls and retailers to connect with consumers like never before.

What does the actual kiosk machine provided by ITM look like?

Check out an actual kiosk machine by clicking here.

Which type of locations use ITM Kiosk displays?

Check out what type of industries are already using the ITM Kiosk platform by clicking here.

How can I learn more about ITM Kiosk?

Call us directly at 845.425.1333 during regular business hours - or simply request a free consultation with a professional ITM kiosk representative by clicking here.

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